Wednesday, April 07, 2004

i think i need prozac and some intense thereapy. i dunno i've just been really down and out. feeling really alonefor some stupid reason. i just grr. i need to take a step back...but i can't even get my head out of the hole i've dug myself into. becky is trying her best but it just aint happening. frank...yeah frank is in his own little world right now and i doubt he gives two shits. i can literally FEEL him pulling away from me. i wish he would just put me out of my misery can confront me about whatever the fuck is wrong. he's single handedly making me feel more miserable than i have in years. i think i need to go bakc to the black board and figure out whats really wrong inside because its not franks or anyone elses responsibility to make me happy. granted he made me feel REALLY good for a couple months. but its like the downer after the high...almost suicidal

Saturday, April 03, 2004

my finger hurts a staple bit me

Friday, April 02, 2004

i remmber a time when you made me feel beautiful
but now you just make me feel repulsive
like even the soggiest garbage pile isnt worth my presance
i'm sick of loving you
when you obviously don't love me back
i remmeber when you begged to tell me
but now...was it just all an act?

i have pink eye. i'm making chilli. i think my boyfriend stopped loving me a long ass time ago. and becky is going to be 20 tomorrow. i don't have a damn dime to get her a present. the whole school thinks i look like a fucking guy and frank just relished telling me this. my hair is purple. and i really like my cat shelby. i swear to damn much. i got a 17 on my end phase test. i would have been up for Student of the Phase but frank had to leave early like twice so i missed class. i have stuff for my breaks sitting in my trunk and no time to put them on. (thank you by the way frank your a doll).

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