Thursday, January 29, 2004

Do you realise that the federal government took out 10% of my income!!! 1200 bucks! but hey at least i'm getting 700 back . :) nice

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

"Matches, Matches, Fire on a stick. Whoa!"-foamy
new IllWillPress Episode. BURN BABY BURN.i laughed my arse off check it out.
hi ya'll. i'mpainting my nails red..dark burgundy red. cool huh? i thought so. yeah i'm just bumming sround again trying to get some modivation to file my tax return...arg you know they took out 1200 bucks! geeze! i hope i get a lot of it back. that would be sweet. need the money too lata baba

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Hi i just ordered new tongue rings! yea! happy jen. had to work today Christina is a bitch. but other than that it was busy so not too bad. i'm just vegging around right now chillin. wondering how franks fix it date went with adrea or wait no aAdreana...arg i don't know what her name is but it starts with an A. so anyway. i've got two bottles of O3 that haven't been drank yet so i think i might get busy on that tonight but we'll see. i shoveled the walk way between the house and the garage...i feel so helpful lol :p. i know i know quiet peanut gallery. so yea thats whats up with me chit chat ya later

Monday, January 26, 2004

"now the automotive scene is blessed witha variety of style bravado unmatched since perhaps the 1950's. But with that blessing comes a curse. for every boldly beautiful new desgin that attracts legions of fans, there is an over reach, or an outright miss that leaves people averting there eyes (insert "Aztek" here)."
From Motor trend Mag. nice huh? lol
hey peeps whats new. i'm jsut chilling at home. i think i fianlly figured whqat kind of tattoo i want. its a twist on the band Cold's symbol the spyder. www.coldonline.com but there will be a pic on the site as soon as i get it. i think its kind of timeless, cool , but not something i'm going to get tired of. so its cool. later

Sunday, January 25, 2004

hey yall, i don't want to go to work today...grr. i hope i'm working with Kim so i can blow off some steam and just bitch the whole night. i am really starting to hate my job. i need a new one. any ideas? The butterfly Effect was AWESOME. i highly recomend it to anyone even slightly interested in psycology or time travel. its one big love story but its got plenty of violence and gore. i jumped several times. alight i'm outtie latter peoples.

Friday, January 23, 2004

hi peeps. just waiting with my thumb up my butt for frank. were gonna go see the butterfly Effect. i'll let you know if its any good. but hey at elast its got sum eye candy right? Ashton...yeah he's aiight looking. but anyway i've got less than a month until UTI Starts...i am really excited and really scared too. i want to blow everyone away with how good i do. i know i have a lot to prove to my family and even more to myself. i know i can do this i just have to shape up.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Hi ya'll just seeing if this works. we'll see if i update it more often than my web page

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